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15 places to promote your business or your business

It is always hard to know where to begin. Since there are many sites and social media platforms and it can be overwhelming. If you are ready to start creating a community you are going to have to decide how to decide to get the word out. Building a brand isn’t an overnight thigh and sometimes your business requires you to be consistent and patient.

Of course we all know about Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can still use them, but you have to find other platforms that fit your blog or your business.


Flipboard: Set up like an online magazine, you can flip through blog posts and news articles and save specific content to you magazines.

blog loving.png

Blogloving: You can set up your blog to where it automatically adds new posts you have published to the blog sites.


Digg: The Site shows the top and trending news and blog posts.


Fancy : Find/ show products for sale


Yummly: For all the food bloggers out there.


Slashdot : News and technology content.


Technovation: Advertising platform


Xing : Professional networking process

we heart it.jpg

We heart it: Image based sharing platform.

word of mouth.jpg

Word of mouth: Never understand the power of face to face communication.

Newsvine: A collaborative news



Yammer: A social networking site


Pinterest: A marketing powerhouse where you can share images that you can link back to your website.


Cruchbase: This site provides industry info and info on specific businesses.


Reddit: Add direct links or summaries to Reddit. Start discussions and build companies.


Go forth and build your empire girl

Xoxo PRLadyBoss


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