My 3 hobbies that help me make me money, keep me in shape and make me creative.


I have a couple of hobbies but these 3 hobbies have seized to be hobbies, they are now money making ideas. Though I still need to devise a plan to make money from my hobby that helps me stay in shape.

3 hobbies I love that;

  1. Helps me make money

money.png  PERSONAL SHOPPER.jpg

I love fashion, if I wasn’t a PR consultant, I would definitely be a designer. I have use this hobby to create a small enterprise of being a personal shopper for my friends. This hobby has made me make a couple of thousand bucks and it has helped me keep track of the latest trends and know body types and what is best for their shape, and how to wear the latest trends.

  1. Keeps me in shape


My sister and I hate jogging, so because we are tech-savvy, we downloaded a fitness app, where we do lumberjacks and squats because we love the skipping rope and the frog childhood game. We also take long walks so that we keep in shape.

  1. One that makes me creative


I am a journalist by profession, but PR brings out my creative side. Working with upcoming artists has enhanced my creative side as I get to come up with creative strategies that help take my clients’ brands to the next level. I really love what I do.

I am a PR Lady Boss





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